Indica 1:1 ZZZ Jelly Bomb

80mg THC:CBD Raspberry Gummy


Because a full night’s sleep shouldn’t be a daydream.

Why we chose this

You’re trying a new night time routine tonight. You turn off Netflix and turn on some relaxing, classical music. You make a sweet tea and get out one (or two) of your Indica 1:1 ZZZ Jelly Bombs. You eat your gummies and sip your tea, all the while relaxing to the music. Tonight, there’s no need for stimulation. You just let the feelings wash over you. When you wake in the morning, the music is still on, and you don’t even remember falling asleep.

The Indica 1:1 ZZZ Jelly Bombs are for any cannabis user, seasoned or novice, who needs a little extra help getting to sleep.

THC: 10.63%

CBD: 10.63%

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About me

If you’ve stopped believing that a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is a possible thing, then I’m for you. I’m busting that myth, one sleepless person at a time. With a dash of THC and a pinch of CBD, I can relax your body and soothe your mind. Then sleep can’t come easy enough. You’ll thank me for busting that myth. So don’t be shy – I don’t leave any strange hang-overs in the morning.

How to use

Time of day: Night times before bed.

Best used in: As it is or with a sweet, night-time tea.
Best used for: Inducing sleep, calming the mind, and feeling euphoric before entering the dreamland.

Product details

  • Strain: Indica
  • THC: 5 mg per gummy
  • CBD: 5 mg per gummy
  • Flavour: Raspberry
  • Gummies per bag: 8