Vape Pen Kit

510 Threaded


The all-rounder vape pen that lasts.

Why we chose this

A few friends come over to your place with some new THC and CBD vape cartridges they’ve picked up. Luckily, you have a your own Vape Pen kit lying around. You screw in one of the cartridges, and just like that, there are multiple vape pens being shared around. Your Vape Pen kit is something you’ll always keep handy in your stash.

The Vape Pen Kit is for anybody who likes to vape cannabis and re-use instead of re-buy.

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About me

I keep things simple and easy for all the cannabinoid vapers out there. Don’t buy a new vape kit every time you want to vape. With me, you’ll always have a vape pen and battery handy, and you’ll only ever have to buy the cartridge. I’m 510 threaded, which means I fit almost every cartridge on the market. Simply recharge and reuse, as many times as you wish. Less money out of your pocket and less trash in landfills. Everybody wins.

How to use

Turning it on: Unbox your vape pen and screw the cartridge into the battery. Drawing activates the vapourizer (there’s no button). Draw in slowly for 2 full seconds and exhale. If the light indicator starts to blink, plug it into the included USB charger until it is fully charged. The indicator will turn green when the battery is fully charged.

Turning it off: There’s no off button on this vape pen as it’s draw activated.

Product details

  • Fits: Any standard 510 cartridge
  • Battery specs: Lithium-ion 350 mAH