King Tut Sativa

Organic, AA+, 16% - 25% THC


Celebrate like a king.

Why we chose this

You just got to the party and it looks like it’s going to be a great night. The weather is balmy and everybody is in a great mood. You step outside with your drink, and your friends start romanticizing how good it would be to smoke a joint. Good thing you pre-rolled that joint of King Tut before you left. You pull it out of your pocket, and the stoner circle begins. The laughs, the conversation, the vibes — they won’t stop coming. It’s the perfect way to spend the weekends.

King Tut is for the intermediate to seasoned cannabis user, who enjoys a racy cerebral high.

THC: 16 - 25%

CBD: < 1%



About me

A king is a rareity — one in a million. Like me, King Tut (a.k.a. Tutankhamon). Not just anything is fit for a king, so imagine the gifts that I bring. I bring creative ideas, the kind that inspire revolutionary books, music, philosophy, and art. I like people, big groups of them! I like to see people celebrate, dance, and share music. I like to bring conversation to the table, and that warm fuzzy feeling you get inside when you know you’re creating beautiful memories.

How to use

Time of day: Mornings, afternoons, or during social gatherings.

Best used in: A dry herb vapourizer, joint, pipe, or bong.

Best used for: Inspiring conversation, reducing stress, social gatherings, and creative endeavours such as writing or music.

Product details

  • Strain: 80% sativa, 20% indica
  • THC: 16 – 25%
  • CBD: < 1%
  • Terpenes:
      • Limonene: Used by aromatherapists to energize
      • Myrcene: Said to potentiate cannabinoids and their effects
      • Linalool: Used by aromatherapists to ease anxiety and induce sleep
  • Flavour and aroma: Skunky, sour, fruity
  • Smoke aroma: Skunky, fruity, tangy
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I recommend this product

Its tuff to review this tut. Its not heavy - it was a clear headed high very focused like, ready for action sativa.. but slight not heavy - slight taste again not heavy. If your old skool and want a nice time high its great if your looking for a tasty trip its not for you. Being organic has it feel like an outdoor. Perfect for playing chess

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My Supply Co. King Tut Sativa Review
I recommend this product
Thank you Pharohs

This is smooth royalty. So good I had to ask Mysupplyco to get more. Do yourself a favour and get 28g

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  • How would you rate your experience level with cannabis? InexperiencedVery experienced
Rockin in the Royal Tomb

You instantly realize what a hard hitter Tut really is as you feel the Rush flooding through your head and down the rest of your body causing you sink into your seat... Reminds me of a really good black hash high. Good flavor, a very mild harshness just enough to let you know it means business. Love this bud!

Great product!

I really liked this strain for multiple reasons! Enjoyable but doesn’t make you sluggish, I was able to be productive and tackled some chores I had been putting off for a while. Overall puts you in a good mood and another bonus is it’s really easy to roll into a joint, which is something I often struggle with as a newbie.

My Supply Co.

Thank you for your review. 💙 We're glad you enjoyed the King Tut strain! Fun fact, the lucid (read: blissful) high and uplifted mood are in part enhanced by the terpenes limonene and linalool. For example, aromatherapists have been using limonene to energize for years, and linalool to ease anxiety and induce sleep. Perfect for that all-around great weekend feeling. Enjoy your weekend. 😊

Sean C.
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Very niizzz! 👍

Smooth, tasty and good price! I prefer a sativa heavy hybrid and Tut did not disappoint. Also delivery was prompt ;)