THC Vape Cartridge

1000mg:1ml Wedding Cake


Tranquility and relaxation are the icing on the cake.

Why we chose this

You’re in the mood to celebrate. It doesn’t need to be because of any special reason — you’re just in that celebratory mood. You feel like putting your feet up or dancing around the living room or sitting around telling funny stories with friends. So you thread your THC Vape Cartridge filled with Wedding Cake Strain onto your 510 battery. You take a few puffs, turn the music on and relax into the celebration of life.

The THC vape cartridge is for any THC enthusiast who likes a full-flavoured vape experience.

THC: 15-24%

CBD: %



About me:

I’m not your average vape cartridge — I’ve got a whopping 1000 mg of THC in me. The flavour of choice? Wedding Cake, of course! That means it’s time to celebrate. I might make you feel a little bit warm in your skin and muscles, and a little bit excited in the heart and mind. I will probably send a delectable tingle down your spine and legs. Some say I’m complicated, but in fact I’m pretty simple — use me for your own creative purposes, for dancing, or even for making love.

How to use:

Time of day: On days off or in the early evenings

Best used in: A standard 510 battery thread

Best used for: Inspiring creativity, creative exercise such as dancing, making love, raising the mood, increasing appetite, and promoting relaxation

Product details:

  • Puffs: ~150
  • Strain: Wedding Cake
  • THC: 1000 mg
  • CBD: 0 mg
  • Terpenes:
      • Caryophyllene: Said to have analgesic, neuroprotective, and anti-inflammatory properties
      • Myrcene: Thought to potentiate cannabinoids and their effects
      • Humulene: Traditionally used as a sedative and analgesic agent
  • Flavour and aroma: Tangy, sweet, earthy, peppery