THC Vape Cartridge

1000mg:1ml Wedding Cake


1 ml 510 thread THC refill cartridge. Wedding Cake indica dominant Hybrid.

THC: 15-24%

CBD: %



1 gram THC distillate organic terpene based 1 mL vape cartridge. No vitamin E acetate or other low quality fillers. Fits standard 510 battery thread.

  • 100% Solvent Free
  • No artificial Flavouring
  • Organic Terpenes
  • 100% Organic
  • 1 ml Cartridges
  • Various Strains

Wedding Cake is an indica dominant hybrid that induces mild cerebral euphoria followed by moderate sedation. Uplifts mood, relieves stress, prompts giggles. Promotes body relaxation and laziness. Stimulates appetite, has mild analgesic properties, helps with nausea.