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Give yourself a new beginning.

Why we chose this

You’re on the road to recovery from your injury. All of your therapies are working, but from time to time, you need an extra boost. You don’t want to use potentially dangerous pain-killers anymore and plus, you only need them from time to time. So today, you open a bag of CBD Watermelon Slices. You prepare yourself a healthy smoothie and you eat a couple of CBD Watermelon Slices with it. Your pain is subsiding but you’re not drowsy at all. You’re energized and productive, and you’re ready for a new beginning.

The CBD Watermelon Slices can be enjoyed by any CBD user, novice or seasoned, who likes a sweet treat alongside their CBD.

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About me

I’m the little gummy that could — that could soothe your anxious mind, that could help to ease your pain and think a little clearer. I’m loaded with CBD, that’s why I can do these things. What’s best is that I’m not psychoactive, so I promise not to have any unusual side effects. It might take a little while to get to know me and the exact dose that helps you achieve what you want. But the fact that I’m delicious makes persistence easy. Once we’ve gotten to know each other, I’ll be your ally through pain, stress, or sleeplessness.

How to use

Time of day: Anytime in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings.

Best used in: As it is or next to a tea or smoothie.

Best used for: Focus, pain management, inflammation management, stress, anxiety, or insomnia.

Product details

  • Strain: Hemp/CBD
  • CBD: 5 mg per gummy
  • THC: 0 mg
  • Flavour: Watermelon
  • Gummies per bag: 20
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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

these taste exactly like regular candies. really good quality


My wife and I absolutely LOVE these candies. They have become a nightly ritual for us. Eat one of these and watch some Netflix. They seem to be really helpful after the gym too! Can’t say enough good things!!