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Your one-stop-shop for discreet, sleek and trendy CBD vape pens that can deliver fast-acting CBD to your system.

Unlike the crude and formative ancestors that entered the market years ago, our CBD vape pens are as much a chic accessory as they are a useful wellness tool. Take care of your body and mind in style.

The best part? Using a vape to enjoy CBD delivers CBD into the bloodstream faster than other methods, like edibles. This means that if you’re dealing with pain or anxiety, a vape can bring you relief in mere minutes, letting you bounce back to the hustle.

My Supply Co. has some of the best CBD vape pens available on the market today. Our CBD distillate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD vape pens and kits come in a variety of profiles, providing natural relaxation, pain relief, and balance to your day. Our CBD vape pens will help you achieve the kind of poise, comfort, and natural chill that isn’t available with other products.

Each CBD Vape Kit contains a CBD pen, a USB recharger, as well as CBD oil in refillable cartridges so you can use your CBD oil pen whenever and however you want to. So go ahead, take a couple of deep inhales on your CBD vaporizer. Before long you’ll feel like yourself again, infused with the calm confidence that will help you tackle anything life’s got in store for you. See below to browse our products, or scroll to the bottom of the page for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about all things CBD.

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Showing all 3 results

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD really do anything?

Yes, there is evidence that CBD works for some conditions, but certainly not all the conditions it is being promoted for these days. There's no evidence, for example, that CBD cures cancer. There is moderate evidence that CBD can improve sleep disorders, fibromyalgia pain, muscle spasticity related to multiple sclerosis, and anxiety.

"The most benefit I have seen as a physician is in treating sleep disorders, anxiety, and pain," says Dr. Donald Levy, medical director at the Osher Clinical Center for Integrative Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital and assistant clinical professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. "Many people report a definite response when it comes to anxiety." CBD also appears to have fewer side effects than other anxiety medications.

What is CBD oil good for?

CBD oil has been studied for its potential role in easing symptoms of many common health issues, including anxiety, depression, acne and heart disease. For those with cancer, it may even provide a natural alternative for pain and symptom relief.

Does CBD help sexually?

According to a 2009 article published in the journal Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, researchers have found ECS receptors in the sexual reproductive organs, such as the testicles. They’re also present in the brain.

What happens next is controversial. Some research studies have found that cannabinoids such as CBD and THC boost libido, while others have found they decrease it.

One article in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and GeneticsTrusted Source reported that chronic cannabis use in males lowered sex drive. The more they use, the lower their sex drive is.

Other research suggests CBD products may improve libido by reducing anxiety. Some people have anxiety about sexual performance, which decreases their libido. Relieve anxiety, and the desire for sex may go up.

How can CBD improve sex? Anxiety and depression, in most cases, lead to one thing — issues with sex or reduced sexual self-esteem. Whether we suffer from anxiety and depression or maybe pain haunts us, all this irrevocably leads to problems in the bedroom.

And here CBD enters the game. Recent researches revealed such CBD oil benefits as:
- decreased inflammation;
- improved gut health;
- enhanced sleep;
- calmed nerves.

Beyond medical purposes, CBD can be used to overcome intimacy problems and give your sex a boost.

Cannabidiol can enhance sensation, as well as reduce pain during penetration and alleviate inhibition during sex. With its ability to help you relax and save you from anxiety or depression, CBD can easily become a substitute for the alcohol or other methods used to get the same result. Nevertheless, in the case of CBD balm, lube, gummies, or other product use, you will not suffer from fuzzy memories or hangovers the next morning.

What are the side effects of CBD?

Though it's often well-tolerated, CBD can cause side effects, such as dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue. CBD can also interact with other medications you're taking, such as blood thinners. Another cause for concern is the unreliability of the purity and dosage of CBD in products.

How long does a CBD vape pen last?

The length of time you can use your CBD vape pen before recharging the battery or refilling the cartridge will depend on how often you use it. Generally speaking, a rechargeable CBD vape pen battery should last for approximately 150 puffs if your average inhalation takes about one second. However, if your style of inhalation tends to be longer (two seconds or more), then the amount of puffs per recharge will decrease. The same goes for the CBD oil inside the cartridge. The amount of time you can use your CBD vape pen before refilling it will always depend on the frequency of your usage.

When it comes down to it, the best way to determine how long a vape pen will last is to buy one and try it out for yourself.

Can you use CBD vape pens for pain relief?

A CBD oil vape pen is an excellent way of achieving some degree of pain relief. That's one of the reasons why CBD is so popular these days - it's not only completely natural, it acts as a very good replacement for some of the more dangerous traditional pain relief medications on the market today. Unlike when using highly addictive and destructive opiates, a CBD vape pen provides your body with a much more natural way of finding relief, whether you need it to soothe aching joints, reduce inflammation, or even quiet an upset stomach. And if your pain is more psychic and physical, you're in luck! Not only do CBD vape pens act as an excellent method of delivering pain relief to your body, it is also a great way to find relief in your mind! CBD vape pens are great at reducing anxiety and stress, putting your mind at ease and allowing you to breathe easy again.

How does vaping CBD make you feel?

Using a CBD vape pen will not get you intoxicated, something you might experience by using a THC product. Rather, CBD is mostly derived from the hemp plant, which has no psychoactive chemicals and therefore produces no psychoactive effects. Using a CBD vape pen is not a good method of achieving an altered state, one characterized by euphoric sensations or heightened sensory perception. Instead, CBD vape pens and other products - particularly our concentrated CBD tinctures - are much more like a daily dietary supplement than a drug. CBD vape pens help consumers find an uplifted mood and a sense of calm and focus. Along with a reduction in the sensation of aches and pains or inflammation, CBD vape pens can practically eliminate stress or anxiety. Using a CBD vape pen helps achieve a feeling of balance, puts your mind at ease, and is absolutely something to try out, whether you're a novice or an experienced user.

Are CBD vape pens safe?

Using a CBD vape pen is as safe as it gets. Not only is there no risk of an overdose with CBD pens, but using a vape pen allows you to avoid some of the most harmful parts of traditional cannabis consumption: combustion and inhalation. Because you don't need to burn anything to experience the results, you won’t run the risk of inhaling tar or ash, and users can experience all things CBD while still remaining smoke-free. Using a vape can even lead to better oral hygiene, better skin health, improved lung capacity, better circulation, and an improved sense of smell and taste! So if you want the best CBD experience you can find, trust My Supply Co. to get you where you want to be.