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The Blue Viper strain is a unique and rare strain and considered to be one of the most mysterious Hybrid strains in the marijuana industry. The strain, which is believed to be a cross breed between the Viper and the Blueberry, is a Hybrid strain that is both stimulating and balanced.

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The Blue Viper strain is a rare and mysterious Sativa dominant Hybrid. This strain is thought to be a balanced yet stimulating Hybrid cross between Blueberry and Viper.

This strain is not well-known in the great wide world of cannabis. However, this new kid on the block is expected to be happy a Hybrid with relaxing and euphoric effects.

The parent strains are known to provide uplifting and relaxing experiences, though one parent also provides a deep physical sedation and the other an invigorating mental experience.

As a Hybrid offspring, different phenotypes of this herb may produce unique effects.

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Sean C.
I recommend this product


Sooo good. Incredibly dense, smoke was dynomite


This stuff is amazing, such a clear high. I enjoy being able to work and get things done.

Sean C.

One thing I’ll say and I love about these buds so far - DENSE When I start breaking off little chunks to grind I notice the tiny bud branches are coated in crystals and really expand greatly when it comes out. I’ve had to start taking less off so I’m not rolling a giant chonger every time lol. Keep the quality coming MySupply!


Favorite smoke I have had in a long time. The high was extremely clean and clear, it leaves me feeling super focus and at the moment. Absolutely love it