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A collage of a retro woman chef and a jar of cannabis cooking oil next to her.

How to Make Cannabis Cooking Oil

A collage art of a vintage painted woman lying among amanita muscaria mushrooms and a pear.

Magic Mushrooms and Penicillin Allergies: Is it Safe?

An aerial photograph of a jar of cannabis balm surrounded by dried flowers.

How to Make Your Own CBD Body Balm

A collage art of a woman wearing a cannabis scarf and the words "pretty high" above her.

How to Use Cannabis in Your Skincare Routine

A drawing of umbrellas over eyes, a concept of immunity.

The Immunomodulatory Effects of THC

A collage art of a woman standing in front of a giant cannabis flower with teh sun in the background; vintage retro collage art.

The Immunomodulatory Effects of CBD

An illustration depicting hands that are covered in psoriasis

Cannabis and Dermatology: How Do Cannabinoids Help With Skin Diseases?

A collage art of different strains of magic mushrooms next to a river

How to Choose a Mushroom Strain & How to Use Them Therapeutically

A collage art of a veiled woman touching a magic mushroom.

Is it Safe to Mix Magic Mushrooms and MDMA?

A collage art of a pinup lady sitting on cannabis buds next to a grasshopper cocktail.

2 Green Canna Cocktails to Sip on St Patrick’s Day