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An illustration depicting the concept of depression

Psilocybin and Depression: Is There a Place for Magic Mushrooms in Clinical Depression?

A collage art of the different strains of magic mushrooms

8 Different Strains of Magic Mushrooms

A magic mushroom collage art depicing a mouse on a leaf below magic mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms Have an Entourage Effect Too

An illustration of a woman surrounded by plants to depict healthy habits

Happy New Year, Happy New You: Forming Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life

A painting created by Alex Grey depicting the psychedelic landscape

Magic Mushrooms, Macrodosing, & The God Experience

20201221 anime while high | My Supply Co.

The 5 Best Anime Shows to Watch While High

An illustration of a brain and a heart, merged into one.

Psilocybin & PTSD: Revolutionising the Role of Psychedelics in Therapy

A collage art of colourful magic mushrooms and mycellium

The Ultimate Guide to Magic Mushroom Microdosing

A collage art of two cats showing each other affection, symbolising activities couples do together.

5 Romantic Activities for Couples to Pair With Weed — And the Best Strains to Match

A cat and a dog photographed with a cannabis leaf and tincture bottle

CBD For Pets 101