Kloud 9 Draw-Activated Vape Battery

510 threaded, 100 - 150 puffs per charge


Stylish, simple, and sweet.

Why we chose this

You’re not brave enough to confront the snow for your nightly smoke. Instead, you pull out your Kloud 9 Vape Battery and screw in your favourite cannabis-filled cartridge. You puff away, content that you don’t have to brave the wind, the snow, or the cold. You keep it simple in times of need.

The Kloud 9 Vape Battery is for any cannabis user who loves a reliable vape battery that lasts.

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About me

I'm simple, easy to use, and 510 threaded. That means you can use me with pretty much any vape cartridge on the market. I'm inhale activated, so no accidental pocket vaping. You can recharge me with a USB adapter, and I'll let you know when my battery gets low. I'm automatically set to a lower temperature so that your vape always has maximum flavour and maximum effect.

How to use

Turning it on: Unpack from the box and screw your vape cartridge into the battery. If the indicator blinks, remove the cartridge and plug the battery into the charger. The indicator will turn green when the battery is full. Simply inhale to activate.

Turning it off: Unnecessary. It's draw-activated.

Product details

  • Fits: Any standard 510 threaded vape cartridge
  • Battery specs: Lithium-ion 350mAh
  • Battery life: 350 mAh (100-150 puffs)
  • Thread: Standard 510 thread
  • Accessories: Comes with a USB charger
  • Colour: White and blue