Chocolate Skunk Sativa Shatter

90% - 95% full spectrum THC per gram


Because sometimes, coffee just isn’t enough.

Why we chose this

Flatness and lethargy are starting to consume every morning. Even your morning coffee just isn’t enough. You have a world to conquer, but there always seems to be something weighing you down. Whether it’s your mind or your body, you can’t seem to find the motivation you need. So you take your morning coffee, Chocolate Skunk Shatter and your dabbing rig to the balcony. You’re ready to add some spice to your morning cuppa. Before you sip your coffee, you take a hit of Chocolate Skunk. You instantly wonder if you need your morning coffee anymore, because you’re ready to get s#*t done.

Chocolate Skunk Shatter is for intermediate to seasoned cannabis users who can handle an extremely energetic, buzzy, cerebral sativa high.

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About me

I'm sweet like chocolate and strong like skunk. But I'm not here to let you spent countless hours drifting off into a relaxing dream. I'm here to give you that extra boost of motivation, creativity, or even arousal. I'm what's been missing in your life. I'm there for that thing you've been needing to do but have been putting off because of fatigue, depression, or overall unworthiness. And once you're done unleashing your best self, I will let you sink into relaxation. And it will be hard-earned and satisfying.

How to use

Time of day: Mornings or early afternoons.

Best used in: A dabbing rig or concentrate vaporizer.

Best recreational uses: Getting out in nature, live music gigs, dancing, outdoor activities, and catching up with friends.

Best medicinal uses: Fatigue, depression, feelings of sadness or laziness, to relieve nausea, and for motivation.

Product details

  • Strain: 80% sativa, 20% indica
  • THC: 60 - 90%
  • CBD: 0 - 1%
  • Terpenes:
      • Limonene: Used by aromatherapists to energize.
      • Myrcene: Said to potentiate cannabinoids and their effects.
      • Pinene: Thought to be neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
      • Humulene: Traditionally used as a sedative and analgesic agent.
  • Flavour and aroma: Piney, earthy, citrus

Frequently Asked Questions

Is shatter solvent free?

Shatter is not a solvent-free extraction process.

Shatter is made using a solvent agent. The solvent is then evaporated, which can be done using a variety of methods. The higher the quality of the extraction and process the less solvent will remain in the product.

The highest quality of shatter products taste extremely clean and are very pure products.

What is the THC percentage of shatter?

High-quality shatter can reach up to 90% pure THC.

The average range of shatter is between 60-90%