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2g Avery Albino Magic Mushroom Dark Chocolate Bar

250mg magic mushrooms per square


Your life is your art.

Why we chose this

You’re heading out camping with friends so you bring your Avery Albino Magic Mushroom Dark Chocolate Bar with you. While in front of the fire, you eat two squares and share with your friend. Within half an hour, you’re both giggling, watching the fire and the stars with amazement and excitement. You fill with satisfaction at the thought that these moments are the finer details of the artwork that is your life.

The Avery Albino Magic Mushroom Dark Chocolate Bar is for any mushroom user, seasoned or novice, but especially the one who likes pre-measured doses.

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About me

I'm a magic mushroom chocolate bar made with some rather exotic magic mushrooms. I'm made with Avery Albino shrooms — that are quite literally white albino. I'm known for my more physical high that comes on quickly and intensely. Other than being loaded with 2g magic mushrooms, I'm made with high quality, sustainably sourced chocolate. I'm a delicious way to microdose or to share a mild dose with friends. I'm perfect for the beginner who wants to dose gently in increments.


🌱 All-natural, botanically-derived ingredients.

🇨🇦 Locally grown mushrooms, manufactured in Canada.

Animal products and byproducts

🐰 Cruelty-free, zero animal testing.

Health and environment concerns

🌾 Gluten-free.

💧 No additives or preservatives; phthalates (DBP, DEHP, DEP), bisphenols (BPA), and paraben-free.

🍫 Sustainably sourced cacao supported by Cocoa Horizons, dedicated to improving the livelihoods of cacao farmers.

How to use


  1. Your Avery Albino Dark Chocolate Bar doesn’t require any preparation. Each square contains 0.25g. Eat it straight out of the bag.
  2. Anything that isn’t consumed right away should be refrigerated. Be sure to label it so that nobody accidentally doses themselves.

Doses best used for:

  • 0-0.25g: A microdose; very subtle psychedelic effects; may experience mood enhancement, reduced anxiety, improved mental alertness and improve energy levels.
  • 0.25-0.5g: A step up; more pronounced psychedelic effects; may experience altered coordination and motor control, altered vision and mood, increased energy, the giggles, revelatory thoughts, ideas, and pattern recognition.
  • 0.5-1g: A psychoactive experience; pronounced and obvious psychedelic effects; may experience altered vision, emotions, and mood, could be a significant alteration of motor control, impaired coordination, super-human-music-making abilities, absurd humour, and a desire to engage oneself in artistic endeavours.
  • 1g+: Everything above 1g is a bonafide psychedelic experience. 7g is Terrence Mckenna’s heroic dose. From here on in, anything is possible.

Note: Doses and effects vary from person to person. If you have never used mushrooms before, it’s best to start on the smallest dose possible for the desired effect and slowly increase from there.

Product details

  • Species: Psilocybe cubensis
  • Strain: Avery Albino
  • Psilocybin: ~0.63%
  • Psilocin: ~0.6%
  • Chocolate bars per box: 1
  • Doses per chocolate bar: 8 individual doses of 0.25g
  • Flavour: Dark Chocolate
  • Ingredients: Avery Albino mushrooms, unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa fat, soy lecithin added as emulsifier: natural vanilla flavour. May contain: milk