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3g Magic Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar

333mg Blue Meanies mushrooms per square


For the one who isn’t afraid to explore.

Why we chose this

You’re a musician or an artist and you’ve heard the reports of increased creativity after using mushrooms. You decide to spend the day with a Mushroom Chocolate and your guitar. You eat 2 cubes and put the rest in the fridge. In about 45 minutes your body starts to feel different and your mind is exploding with ideas. You spend the next few hours exploring music through your instrument, getting lost in the sounds, feelings and ideas.

The Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar is for any mushroom user, seasoned or novice, who likes to explore the psilocybin landscape.

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About me

I’m where the chocolate lover and the mushroom lover meet — in a delicious milk chocolate bar packed with 3g of Blue Meanie mushrooms. If you’ve never tried Blue Meanie mushrooms before, then I recommend that you tread lightly when dosing me. My mushroom component is well known for being strong, potent, and a little bit chaotic. The heavier you dose, the more pronounced the effects. On higher doses, expect a lot of trippy visuals and a lot of abstract thinking. I’m perfect for sharing with a small circle of friends or as a heroic dose for the one who isn’t afraid to jump right in.

How to use


  1. As soon as you open your  Mushroom Milk Chocolate bar, break it along the markings into 9 individual pieces. If you would like to further break them down, use a sharp knife.
  2. If you opt for 9 pieces, each piece contains 0.33g mushrooms. If you opt for 18, each piece contains 0.16g mushrooms. Dose as your heart desires.
  3. Whatever you don’t consume right away should be kept in the refrigerator to prevent melting. Make sure it’s very clearly marked so that no accidents happen.

Doses best used for:

  • 0-0.25g: A microdose; very subtle psychedelic effects; may experience mood enhancement, reduced anxiety, improved mental alertness and improve energy levels.
  • 0.25-0.5g: A step up; more pronounced psychedelic effects; may experience altered coordination and motor control, altered vision and mood, increased energy, the giggles, revelatory thoughts, ideas, and pattern recognition.
  • 0.5-1g: A psychoactive experience; pronounced and obvious psychedelic effects; may experience altered vision, emotions, and mood, could be a significant alteration of motor control, impaired coordination, super-human-music-making abilities, absurd humour, and a desire to engage oneself in artistic endeavours.
  • 1g+: Everything above 1g is a bonafide psychedelic experience. 7g is Terence Mckenna’s heroic dose. From here on in, anything is possible.

Note: Doses and effects vary from person to person. If you have never used mushrooms before, it’s best to start on the smallest dose possible for the desired effect and slowly increase from there.

Product details

  • Species: Panaeolus cyanescens
  • Strain: Blue Meanies
  • Psilocybin: ~0.85%
  • Psilocin: ~0.36%
  • Chocolate bars per box: 1
  • Doses per chocolate bar: 9 individual squares that can be further broken down to 18
  • Flavour: Orange Chocolate
  • Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa powder, powdered whey protein concentrate, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, Blue Meanies mushrooms
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I recommend this product

really good! tasted great.

  • Which benefits or effects did you experience? Choose as many as you like. Appreciating life moreDecreased anxietyDecreased depressionEuphoria
  • How would you rate your experience level with magic mushrooms? InexperiencedGoodVery Experienced
I recommend this product
A truly unique experience

It was my first time having a full dose like that and the experience was amazing.

  • How would you rate your experience level with magic mushrooms? InexperiencedGoodVery Experienced
  • Which benefits or effects did you experience? Choose as many as you like. Appreciating life moreDecreased anxietyA sense of peace or wellbeing
I recommend this product
The perfect amount

Took these with a couple of buddies and we each had a full bar. It was a great experience but not overwhelming, the colours were a bright and there was a bit of movement from inanimate objects but nothing to crazy for first timers. Would highly recommend! Can’t wait to purchase again.