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A collage art depicting a range of magic mushrooms with a trippy green stripey background. A concept of the bad trip.

The “Bad Trip” – Why it Happens and How to Avoid it

Key takeaways. All mushroom users are in agreement that there are no two mushroom journeys that are quite the same. Sometimes a mushroom journey is very physical; at other times it’s more emotional;…

A hand wrapped around a mug filled with cannabis milk and a cannabis leaf.

How to Make Spiced Cannabis Milk

Did you know that making cannabis milk is one of the easiest ways to turn your favourite cannabis flowers into a nourishing, soothing drinkable? Because milk is such a fatty liquid, it’s a perfect s…

How to Use Cannabis For Mental Performance

Key takeaways. There’s a quickly growing undercurrent of cannabis users that are using cannabis, neither for medicinal or recreational reasons, but for something in between; better cognitive perform…

collage art depicting magic mushrooms, gummy bears, and the title of how to make magic mushroom gummies.

How to Make Magic Mushroom Gummies

The time has arrived to combine your culinary skills with your love of magic mushrooms. It’s not like there’s any other logical reason to make magic mushroom gummies. After all, it would be much e…

A photograph depicting a scene from the documentary, The Psychedelic Drug Trial, of a therapist assisting a woman through a psilocybin journey.

The Psychedelic Drug Trial Documentary Review

Those of us who dabbled slightly prelegalisation might know — but science is just catching up. All of the wonderful things we genuinely experience and believe, the phenomena of the psychedelic lands…

Collage art depicting how to make magic mushroom brownies, contains brownies, mushrooms, and a pinup chef woman.

How to Make Magic Mushroom Brownies

The world has become veritably familiar with cooking with cannabis — but cooking with mushrooms is a whole new art! It can be a little bit trickier cooking with magic mushrooms than it is cooking wi…


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Don’t let the process of buying weed online in Canada discourage you. Yes, it can be confusing to know what cannabis products, from recreational to medical marijuana, will be right for you. What’s the difference between indica and sativa strains, and the hybrids in between? What’s the difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD? Why does one strain of weed make you anxious, while another weed strain makes you feel like you’re lying in a breezy hammock off Canada’s white sand coasts?

At MSC, we curate high quality cannabis products for people that never want the road to end. Like us, they believe in everyday better, those grounding and transformative experiences that make life worth the fuss. Cannabis plays a small but significant role in that experience for us, but there’s so little education that it’s harder than it should be for the curious and conscious to experience that transformation. We want our online dispensary in Canada to change that — starting with better intel, better weed, and better experiences.

Frustrated at how hard it is to buy weed online in Canada? Let’s fix that. Have your medical marijuana concerns not been solved by an online mail order marijuana service? MSC is here to get to work. Lowest marijuana prices in Canada? Our weed strains and cannabis products are all ethically priced.

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From our online marijuana information hub to our personalized weed quiz, My Supply Co. is the only online dispensary in Canada dedicated to bringing you the most approachable, personal, and affordable way of getting good (at) weed. Because MSC is the online dispensary Canada deserves, and the one it needs right now.