Cannabis products don’t have to be controversial (although that does make them more fun). Our CBD products are bliss-inducing alternatives to THC, meaning they don’t deliver the same psychoactive euphoria you would normally associate with getting high. And because every product in the My Supply Co. pantry provides an array of therapeutic benefits, you’ll be able to manage pain, insomnia, and anxiety so you can chill easier, play more, and socialize effortlessly. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

Our CBD products can be ingested orally using drops placed under the tongue, experienced as a topical cream or ointment, ingested as gummies and even smoked using CBD-rich cannabis strains. Get inspired by our list of available products, discover your favorite, and for the curious, live chat with our Supply Gurus or scroll to the bottom of the page to consult our FAQs on all things CBD.

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