Blue Dream Hybrid Vape Cart

700mg Distillate


A golden recipe for productivity.

Why we chose this

It’s the mid-afternoon slump. It’s sometimes hard to be productive after lunch and you become easily distracted. You take a breather and hit your Blue Dream vape cartridge. It’s not just that it’s lightly stimulating. It’s also that it brings your mind into a state of total calm, where you can give your undivided attention. All of a sudden, your afternoon feels like first thing in the morning.

The Blue Dream vape cartridge is for any cannabis user, seasoned or novice, who could use some help with fatigue or demotivation.

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About me

My genetic history is somewhat of a mystery, with many believing I must have manifested out of a dream. Aside from being delicious and flavour-packed, I’m loaded with cannabinoids. I have high CBD levels, high CBN levels, and most of the time, my THC levels tip the charts. Because I’m slightly sativa dominant, I can help those who have fatigue or depression. I’m mildly stimulating, making me an appropriate afternoon strain. Tread lightly with me if you’re prone to anxiety, because it’s easy to get carried away with my potent cerebral effects.

How to use

Time of day: Mornings and early afternoons.

Best used in: A standard 510 battery thread.

Best used for: Chronic fatigue, depression, mild pain management, creativity, productivity, and focus.

Product details

  • Puffs: ~100
  • Strain: 50% sativa, 50% indica
  • THC: 70-90%
  • CBD: 1-5%
  • CBN: 1-3%
  • Terpenes:
      • Linalool: Used by aromatherapists to calm anxiety and induce sleep
      • Caryophyllene: Thought to be neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic
      • Humulene: Traditionally used as a sedative and analgesic agent
  • Flavour and aroma: Blueberries, sugar, sweet,