CBD:THCSativaFull Spec.

300mg Sativa 3:1 Orange Flavoured Cannabis Drops

7.5mg CBD oil + 2.5mg THC oil (full spectrum) per ml


Drop into your better self.

Why we chose this

It might not be the perfect, sunny weekend afternoon that you were hoping for. The cloudiness makes you feel a little bit… wintry. Before you make any decisions about what to do with your cold, windy Sunday, you add a few drops of  Sativa 3:1 Cannabis Drops to your smoothie. You’re in the shower when it starts to kick in, and suddenly, you don’t care that it’s cold outside. You feel energized and productive — maybe you’ll get creative in the kitchen. Maybe you’ll invite friends over for some board games. You’re not sure yet, but you’re alive with ideas.

The 3:1 Sativa Cannabis Drops are for any cannabis user, seasoned or novice, who enjoys a balanced effect of THC and CBD.

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About me

I’m all about having one foot in either ocean — made with full spectrum cannabis oil plus CBD isolate, I can show you the wholeplant benefits of THC and CBD. But I am heavier on the CBD side than THC, with a CBD:THC ratio of 3:1. Let my CBD side show you all about focus, wellness, and energy. And let my mild THC side bring you waves of euphoria, creative inspiration, and relaxation. I’m perfect for incorporating THC and CBD into your life. Enjoy me in the mornings before conquering your day.

How to use

Time of day: In the mornings or early afternoons.

Best used in: As it is, or dropped into a smoothie, coffee, or sweet tea.

Best used for: Increasing focus and attention, summoning your inner Zen master, reducing pain, and having fun.

Product details

  • Ingredients: Full spectrum cannabis oil, CBD isolate, avocado oil, 100% pure orange oil
  • Strain: Sativa
  • Volume: 30 mL
  • CBD: 225 mg
  • THC: 75 mg
  • Terpenes: Mixed, natural terpenes
  • Concentration: 2.5 mg/mL THC, 7.5 mg/mL CBD
  • Flavour: None/natural