CBD:THCFull Spec.Indica, THC:CBD

Indica 3:1 Oil Drops

300mg CBD:THC Tincture


Let calm pave the way for a better life.

Why we chose this

It’s nearing that time when everyone is going to bed. The kids are under the blanket, the animals are fed, and you have nothing left to do but your night-time routine. Losing sleep isn’t worth the risk for you, so you brew a hot chocolate and add a couple of milliliters of your Indica 3:1 Oil Drops. You sip calmly and peacefully, and you feel satisfied. A good life needs a lot of calm and quality sleep. You’re reassured with every sip you take.

The Indica 3:1 Oil Drops are for any cannabis user, seasoned or novice, who appreciates the value of a calming night-time routine.

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About me

I’m multi-talented, you see — because self-medicating can also be fun. I’m simple, sweet, and versatile with a balanced cannabinoid ratio of 3:1 CBD:THC. You can get the best of both worlds with me, having fun while inducing sleep, reducing pain, or shutting up that monkey mind. It’s actually never been so easy to tell that monkey mind to STFU. With just two ingredients – cannabis extract and avocado oil, I’m harmless, easy, and convenient.

How to use

Time of day: Night times or early evenings.

Best used in: As it is or dropped into a sweet tea or hot chocolate before bed.

Best used for: Releasing the inner Buddha, slaying pain demons, calming the monkey in the mind, and inducing sleep.

Product details

  • Strain: Indica
  • Volume: 30 mL
  • THC: 75 mg
  • CBD: 225 mg
  • Terpenes: Mixed, natural terpenes
  • Concentration: 2.5 mg/mL THC, 7.5 mg/mL CBD
  • Flavour: None/natural
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I recommend this product
Like a morning pep talk!

These drops are great! I add them into my morning smoothie or coffee and they totally help to decrease anxiety + ease into my day. They're great before bed too to keep you snoozing all night!

I recommend this product

My back has been especially sore due to spring yard cleaning and gardening. After my first dose of 1 full dropper I noticed my back pain disappeared, I felt very mellow and over all less stiff. I've been sleeping better, too, after using it for 4 evenings in a row. I think this is due to less athritic discomfort and the need to toss and turn during the night.