Hybrid Resin


Psychedelic expansion is on the horizon.

Why we chose this

You don’t feel like getting up to much today. You have nothing in particular to do, and no obligations. You feel thoughtful and pensive, and you decide to take advantage of that softness. You hit your dabbing rig that’s packed with Nebula Resin. In an instant, you feel like a nebula, traveling the galaxies. You settle into that meditative state where it seems all of life’s problems get solved.

Nebula Resin is for the intermediated to seasoned cannabis user, who appreciates introverted time dedicated to self expansion.

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About me

To be or not to be the Nebula? If its stardust and supernovas you’re curious to see, I can take you there. I’m not for getting “things” done, I’m for getting “other things” done. I’m all about the other, the mystical, and the psychedelic. I uplift your spirit and body, but not for any special reason other than creative, inspiring, self-meditations. Use me lovingly to explore the inner galaxy or the outer one.

How to use

Time of day: Late afternoons or early evenings.

Best used in: A dabbing rig.

Best used for: Scoping out the internal landscape, quiet meditations, creative endeavours, relaxation, expansion, and psychedelic adventures.

Product details

  • Strain: 80% indica, 20% sativa
  • THC: 70-90%
  • CBD: 0
  • Terpenes:
      • Linalool: Used by aromatherapists to calm anxiety and induce sleep
      • Humulene: Traditionally used as a sedative and analgesic agent
      • Myrcene: Said to potentiate cannabinoids and their effects
      • Caryophyllene: Said to be neuroprotective, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory
  • Flavour and aroma: Chocolate, sweet, honey