SativaTHCFull Spec.

80mg THC Sativa Orange Jelly Bomb

10mg THC per gummy


Be brave enough to have a little fun.

Why we chose this

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’ve got nothing on. You’re feeling bored, or better still, you’re craving some excitement. You pull out your stash of Sativa Jelly Bombs and you eat one (or two). You put on your hoodie and you walk out of the house. As you’re walking through the city streets, the effects start kicking in. Everything seems brighter, lusher. You’re excited to meet someone new, discover a new place, or find your next favourite lunch spot.

The Sativa Jelly Bombs are for any THC lover, seasoned or novice.

THC: 21.25%

CBD: < 1%

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About me

I come into your life like a fresh breeze after a humid summer. I like to keep things light-hearted and fun. I don’t like to take things too seriously, and neither should you. I’m for the ones who dance to movie credits and the grown-ups who still like to get their faces painted. I’m for the ones who aren’t shy to have a little fun.


🇨🇦 Locally grown hemp and cannabis, manufactured in Canada.

Animals and animal byproducts

🐰 Cruelty-free, zero animal testing.

Health and environmental concerns

☣️ Free of solvents, toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides.

🧪 Independently lab-tested for purity & potency.

How to use

Time of day: Mornings or afternoons.

Best used in: As it is or as a sweet treat after breakfast.

Best used for: Having fun, reducing stress and pain, and for looking at the bright side of life.
Product details
  • Strain: Sativa
  • THC: 10 mg per gummy
  • CBD: 0 mg per gummy
  • Flavour: Orange
  • Gummies per bag: 8
  • Ingredients: Sugars (corn syrup, sugar from beets), Water, Gelatin, Citric acid, Natural and artificial flavours, Pectin, Coconut oil, Canola oil, Cannabis extract, Carnauba wax, FD&C Yellow #6.