80mg 1:1 Orange Sativa Jelly Bombs

5mg CBD + 5mg THC per gummy


Chilling out, citrus style.

Why we chose this

You had a stressful morning at the office — thank god you’re finishing early. But when you finish, you still feel hot headed, anxious, and a little too irritable. When you get home, you prepare a fresh lemonade and eat a 1:1 Orange Sativa Jelly Bomb. It’s just the kind of nervous system rewind that you were needing. You enjoy the rest of your afternoon chilling, citrus style.

The 1:1 Orange Sativa Jelly Bombs are for any cannabis user, seasoned or novice, who likes gentle, natural ways of dealing with minor symptoms.

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About me

I’m the all new citrus flavour of the same awesome 1:1 jelly bomb. For the lovers of balanced-cannabinoid-citrus candies, I have arrived. With sativa genetics on my THC side, I’m more energizing than I am sedative. I’m best used throughout the day for general wellbeing, pain management, and to keep anxiety and stress at bay. I’m deliciously flavoured with orange and with v gluten-free ingredients, I’m perfect for almost all dietary requirements.

How to use

Time of day: In the mornings and afternoons.

Best used in: As it is as a delicious snack or next to an afternoon tea.

Best used for: Reducing stress and anxiety, minor depression, for minor pain, to maintain general health and wellbeing, for energy, focus, mental performance and improved attention, and for staying chill.

Product details

  • Strain: Hemp + sativa
  • THC: 5mg per gummy
  • CBD: 5mg per gummy
  • Flavour: Orange
  • Gummies per bag: 8
  • Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, gelatin, cannabis extract, coconut oil, citric acid, artificial colour and flavour, carnauba wax