Edibles are a proven (and snacky) way to enjoy THC, CBD, and hemp in your everyday life, turning boring self-care rituals into something you can indulge in. Not only do they give you an excuse to satisfy your craving for a tasty treat that also brightens your day, they’re also an effective way to enjoy the potent healing benefits of CBD, THC, and hemp oils for a better you, everyday.

There’s no need to smoke or vape to enjoy the benefits of cannabis anymore, so get inspired, discover your favorite, and enjoy! However, keep in mind: while the effects of smoking or vaporizing cannabis are usually felt right away, cannabis edibles are delivered and absorbed by the body more slowly. Because it takes time to metabolize the edible product, you should always be aware of how your body reacts to a particular dosage. At My Supply Co., we ensure that the potency in our products doesn’t vary outside of strict tolerances. As a result, our customers can be confident that they’ll get the same amazing experience each and every time.

If you’ve been in search of great edibles for sale online, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re interested in adding a few drops of tincture in your morning coffee or enjoying a delicious THC or CBD-infused gummy or candy, My Supply Co. has personally tried and tested every product in our shop to guarantee your satisfaction.

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