Purple Diesel Sativa Shatter

80% - 90% full spectrum THC per gram


Don’t laugh “a little”. Laugh a lot.

Why we chose this

You’re meeting with an old friend that you haven’t seen in ages. You always used to laugh and giggle together, so you pack some Purple Diesel Shatter and your dabbing rig with you. When you arrive, it’s just like old times. You take a hit together of Purple Diesel and instantly start reconnecting. It doesn’t take long for those giggles to set in, and it’s just like old times.

Purple Diesel Shatter is for any cannabis user, seasoned or novice, who likes a side of giggles with their cannabis high.

THC: 24-28%

CBD: 0.01-0.05%

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About me

I’m a somewhat mysterious strain that never really made the record books, but everybody whose tried me wonders why. I do all of the things a good sativa hybrid should – I energize you, uplift you, focus your mind, and elevate your heart. But what people love most about me is the intense giggle fit that I almost always bring to the party. It’s the kind of giggle fit that ends in stitches, a sore face, and teary eyes. Its the kind of giggle fit that sparks memories down the line – “Remember that time we laughed so hard that…”

How to use

Time of day: Mornings and early afternoons.

Best used in: A dabbing rig or concentrate vaporizer.

Best used for: Daytime pain management, euphoria, seriously intense giggle fits, mental focus and productivity.

Product details

  • Strain: 70% sativa, 30% indica
  • THC: 80 – 90%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Terpenes:
      • Myrcene: Said to potentiate cannabinoids and their effects.
      • Humulene: Traditionally used as a sedative and analgesic agent.
      • Caryophyllene: Thought to be neuroprotective, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.
      • Linalool: Used by aromatherapists to induce sleep and calm anxiety.
  • Flavour and aroma: Fruity, diesel