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1200mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

40mg full spectrum CBD per ml


Adulting is realising that calm is cool.

Why we chose this

You’ve been slipping down into a rabbit hole of stress. It just perpetuates itself. You don’t like who you become — anxious and angry and easily irritable. You know you can overcome this hurdle if you remain calm. You decide to call on some intervention. Tonight, you’re taking a dose of CBD Tincture to help you get to sleep. In the mornings, you’ll take a smaller dose to help you stay calm throughout the day. You’re excited at this new prospect of adulting — being cool, calm, and collected.

The CBD Tincture is for any cannabis user, seasoned or novice, who looks for botanical ways to deal with stress and pressure.

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About me

I’m for those who feel like life isn’t black and white — it’s a whole spectrum of colours. Well, I’m a whole spectrum too, the full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenoids. I’m extracted from hemp and then mixed in with MCT oil. Yep, I’m that simple. None of my aromatic or active compounds are removed or destroyed in the process, so I’m a full-flavoured CBD tincture. I’ve got 1200mg full-spectrum CBD distillate in me so small amounts contain big doses. Keep me as arsenal for any kind of pain or stress-related ailment, or as an everyday boost for mind and body.

How to use

Time of day: Anytime in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings.

Best used in: As it is, but can be added to beverages or food. But beware this tincture is full-spectrum and tastes like cannabis.

Best used for: Everyday health and wellbeing, inflammation management, pain management, insomnia, anxiety or depression, cognitive performance, being more relaxed, and for having fun.

Product details

  • Strain: Hemp
  • Volume: 30ml
  • CBD: 1200mg
  • THC: negligible (<0.2%)
  • Concentration: 40mg CBD per ml
  • Flavour: Natural
  • Ingredients: Full-spectrum CBD distillate, MCT oil.
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Marisha F.
I recommend this product
I am Obsessed!

This stuff is amazing! I can’t say enough good things. I took the recommended dose on the back of the bottle at bedtime and drifted off to sleep easily. I normally have a hard time sleeping and sleep aids usually leave me feeling drowsy and lethargic in the morning. I didn’t have that issue when I took this, I woke up feeling very alert and well rested. I would recommend this! I am going to try a smaller dose if I just want to ease my anxiety during the day. Love it :)

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