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Frequently Asked Questions

What is does solvent-less extraction mean?

Solvent-less or non-solvent is a label applied to products that have been extracted mechanically, without the use of solvents. Now, here's where it can get a bit confusing? Solvent-free is a term used to describe products that were originally extracted with a solvent but later distilled in a laboratory to remove any trace of solvent residue. So they started as solvent extracts but now are 100% free of any residual solvents, as opposed to a well-purged BHO which will always contain a certain, however minuscule, amount of solvent.

Are solvent-free concentrates safe?

In short, yes solvent-free concentrates are safe.

Properly made solvent-based extracts have all of the solvents removed before being sold. This means that they can be labeled as solvent-free despite solvents being used in their manufacture. Solventless extracts on the other hand contain no solvents, and neither were any used in its production. So be careful, because solvent-free isn’t the same as solventless.