Chemically extracted from cannabis flowers, concentrates are highly potent forms of cannabis products used both recreationally and to treat a variety of health concerns. Combat insomnia, pain, and anxiety, while living life on your terms.

Concentrates are incredibly potent, and offer unrivaled flavour and effects when compared to the majority of cannabis products. Our concentrates are available in every form, including oils, Phoenix Tears, shatter, resins, rosins, hash, and vapes. With such diversity, it’s no secret that the concentrates market in Canada has been growing.

Our ever-growing selection of extracts is curated with several layers of testing and quality assurance, with our cannabis specialists ensuring all your products are created with the highest degree of purity and efficacy.

Our producers are local cannabis cannaisseurs who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of perfecting their extraction methods, allowing us to deliver the latest concentrates trends. All our concentrates come in various forms, from distillates, tinctures, capsules, and other varied forms of THC that are expertly and lovingly extracted.

The THC content in flowers is extracted to make a very potent concentration from the cannabis that is often consumed through many different methods. These alternatives are made to be solventless so you are only getting the “high” from cannabis, without consuming any other plant matter.


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