Sunnyside Botanicals

Sunnyside Botanicals

Unwind stress and support wellbeing in and out of the bedroom with full-spectrum CBD from organic, regeneratively-grown hemp.

Sunnyside Botanicals doesn’t believe in compromising when it comes to quality, transparency, and community trust, which is why they take “clean” to a whole new level. All of their formulas are 100% plant-based and organic, never using additives or synthetic anythings — ever.

? 100% organic MCT oil from sustainable coconuts

☣️ Free of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides

♻️ Low-impact, eco-conscious, fully-recyclable packaging with minimal plastic

? Independently lab-tested for purity & potency

? No additives, preservatives, or solvents

Leading the industry by example for quality, integrity, and sustainability.
Sunnyside Botanicals use only high-quality, all-natural, organic ingredients, beginning with their CBD: always solvent-free, always super-critical C02 hemp extract. No aspect goes unnoticed as their essential oils are therapeutic grade, and their Epsom salts are pharmaceutical grade. As part of their commitment, Sunnyside Botanicals is immediately testing every batch at the concentration level through a third-party Health Canada-approved lab. All testing data is readily available on their website, with direct links to the associated lab.

Sunnyside Botanicals also bottles and produces 100% of its products, ensuring continuous quality and refinement by avoiding pre-bought bases. The team takes pride in its name and quality reputation, and will not put its label on anything they did not craft from seed to sale. These standards allow their claims to be accurate and processes to be transparent.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our packaging, avoiding plastic whenever possible and only using chlorine-free paper products that are FSC certified (created using a responsibility managed forest supply chain). Whether through our products or our packaging, we aid our consumer in living a conscious lifestyle.

Quality and testing.
Sunnyside Botanicals’ embodies transparency and quality control, continuously releasing lab reports for our customers’ confidence. All of Sunnyside Botanicals’ current oil-based products are made from the same batch of isolate that is sample tested and verified in the reports found on each of our product pages.

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