Coastal Vapes

Coastal Vapes

If you’ve been wondering when a vape that hits big and has no fake flavouring was arriving to Canada, well, we have an answer for you. And that answer is… right now. All Coastal Vapes cartridges deliver the rich flavour of full-spectrum rosin, use ceramic oils to eliminate clogging, and are gentle on your throat.

Aesthetically aware.
A modern vape brand with traditional influence, accented with a polished silver finish. A design nod to the classic vapes used by true Canadian cannasseurs.

Just beautiful buds.
Blending full-spectrum rosin and CO2 extracted distillate made only from premium flower, squished to create amber goodness — no shake, no trim.

Actually useful.
These are not your grandmother’s vapes. Adjust the vents to control the air:vape ratio, forget about clogging, and, heck, leave it in the car — it won’t leak, even in a heat wave.

Recyclable boxes.
And, of course, sustainable packaging. Because we all have too much plastic in our lives.

Self admittedly, Coastal Vapes’ founder has always been huge a fan of cannabis. When vape pens first emerged, he was excited about leaving behind the days of smelling like a skunk. However, when finding that companies were including inflammatory thinning agents, synthetic fillers, and harmful ingredients, it left him with a bad taste in his mouth.

So the Coastal Vapes team set out on a mission to create the innovation this industry needs by using only premium quality cannabis and the cleanest extraction techniques available.

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Showing all 16 results

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s inside a Coastal Vapes cartridge?

A Coastal Vapes cartridge contains rosin made from hand-picked cannabis flowers which is then mixed with THC and CBD distillate. This is what creates the full-flavoured, full-bodied hit produced by Coastal Vapes cartridges. Coastal Vape extracts are never mixed with solvents, fillers, or added terpenes.

Why are Coastal Vapes cartridges made with both distillate and rosin?

Coastal Vapes uses both distillate and rosin in its cartridges to maintain the same consistency across cartridges. As cannabis flowers vary slightly from season to season, the consistency of rosin varies between plants. Mixing rosin with distillate ensures level consistency across cartridges and avoids the buildup of waxes in the cart has happens with some other cartridges.

Where does Coastal Vapes obtain its cannabis?

Some cannabis is grown onsite at Coastal Vapes. Otherwise, cannabis is obtained from local cannabis cultivators in Canada.

How does Coastal Vapes optimize the vaping experience?

Coastal Vapes uses both distillate and rosin to maintain consistency across the different cartridges. Each cartridge also contains a vent to adjust the airflow, as each vaper likes a different amount of smoke. The cartridges contain a ceramic atomizer which prevents clogging of waxes and oils, and a silicone gasket which prevents leaking. So you can hold on to your Coastal Vapes cartridge for as long as you like.

Are Coastal Vape extracts and products lab-tested?

Yes, Coastal Vape extracts and products are lab-tested for purity, residual solvents, and heavy metals.

How do you use Coastal Vapes cartridges?

All Coastal Vapes cartridges should be used in a standard 510 battery thread. It can be button activated or draw activated, but must be a standard 510 thread.

What is the benefit of using cannabis vaping products?

When cannabis is vaped, it takes effect immediately. This is why people choose to use cannabis vaping products. They are also said to be a healthier consumption choice for people who prefer inhalation. The contents are next-to-pure cannabinoids, which means there is little chance to consume something you don’t want to! For more information on cannabis consumption methods, visit this article: