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8 Different Strains of Magic Mushrooms

8 Different Strains of Magic Mushrooms

Just like with cannabis, there are many different species and strains of magic mushrooms. It’s worth noting that there are really only two species of cannabis, but many strains. With magic mushrooms…

Magic Mushrooms Have an Entourage Effect Too

Magic Mushrooms Have an Entourage Effect Too

The cross-talk between compounds in cannabis is vitally important to the effects it has for the user. This cross-talk pervades all of nature, including your human body. A delicate balance and dance of…

Happy New Year, Happy New You: Forming Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life

Happy New Year, Happy New You: Forming Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life

Take a deep breath and welcome yourself into 2021. Hey — there’s no guarantees that 2021 isn’t going to be full of challenges just like 2020. In fact, it’s almost a given. Every year has its t…

Be Kind to Yourself; How to Take Care in Winter & Isolating Times

Be Kind to Yourself; How to Take Care in Winter & Isolating Times

How many times in 2020 have you heard the cliché, it’s been a year like no other?  As cheesy as it is, it’s been exactly like that. Every person has had their trials and tribulations, eve…

Magic Mushrooms, Macrodosing, & The God Experience

Magic Mushrooms, Macrodosing, & The God Experience

So you want to know what the psychedelic experience is all about? We applaud you. It’s a curious venture. For the record, there is no real manual for how to take psychedelics. A lot of it boils down…

The 5 Best Anime Shows to Watch While High

The 5 Best Anime Shows to Watch While High

Get your blankets out. Turn on the fire. Brew that CBD hot chocolate or pick up your favourite vape. It’s time to enjoy winter in front of our list of the best anime shows to watch while high. Even …


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At MSC, we curate high quality cannabis products for people that never want the road to end. Like us, they believe in everyday better, those grounding and transformative experiences that make life worth the fuss. Cannabis plays a small but significant role in that experience for us, but there’s so little education that it’s harder than it should be for the curious and conscious to experience that transformation. We want our online dispensary in Canada to change that — starting with better intel, better weed, and better experiences.

Frustrated at how hard it is to buy weed online in Canada? Let’s fix that. Have your medical marijuana concerns not been solved by an online mail order marijuana service? MSC is here to get to work. Lowest marijuana prices in Canada? Our weed strains and cannabis products are all ethically priced.

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