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The Ultimate Dosage Guide For Magic Mushrooms

The Ultimate Dosage Guide For Magic Mushrooms

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Can Cannabis be Used to Treat Fibromyalgia?

Can Cannabis be Used to Treat Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is an anomaly of the medical world, with doctors not knowing exactly what causes it or why it happens. Diagnosis is also very tricky, and testing is usually conducted to rule out other di…

Reset: How to Avoid & Manage a Cannabis Tolerance

Reset: How to Avoid & Manage a Cannabis Tolerance

Anybody who uses cannabis every day will eventually start to notice their tolerance levels increasing. The body can easily develop tolerances to virtually any substance, even if it’s a non-psychoact…

Cannabis Etiquette: How Private Should You Keep Your Weed Consumption?

Cannabis Etiquette: How Private Should You Keep Your Weed Consumption?

The judgemental, propagandist days of cannabis are over — or are they? On the one hand, cannabis users worldwide are jumping for joy at the turn of events that cannabis law has taken in the last dec…

What it Feels Like to Take Magic Mushrooms — A Personal Account

What it Feels Like to Take Magic Mushrooms — A Personal Account

Creative writer and herbalist, Sera Ghaly, based in Melbourne Australia. She is a lover of all things plant-related, and her passions lie in the ethnobotanical use of plants. Having travelled to South…

How to Choose Between Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, & Isolates

How to Choose Between Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, & Isolates

The cannabis world is full of new terminology that can sometimes be confusing. The two worlds of cannabis and technology have merged together to create an enormous variety of different cannabis produc…


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Don’t let the process of buying weed online in Canada discourage you. Yes, it can be confusing to know what cannabis products, from recreational to medical marijuana, will be right for you. What’s the difference between indica and sativa strains, and the hybrids in between? What’s the difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD? Why does one strain of weed make you anxious, while another weed strain makes you feel like you’re lying in a breezy hammock off Canada’s white sand coasts?

At MSC, we curate high quality cannabis products for people that never want the road to end. Like us, they believe in everyday better, those grounding and transformative experiences that make life worth the fuss. Cannabis plays a small but significant role in that experience for us, but there’s so little education that it’s harder than it should be for the curious and conscious to experience that transformation. We want our online dispensary in Canada to change that — starting with better intel, better weed, and better experiences.

Frustrated at how hard it is to buy weed online in Canada? Let’s fix that. Have your medical marijuana concerns not been solved by an online mail order marijuana service? MSC is here to get to work. Lowest marijuana prices in Canada? Our weed strains and cannabis products are all ethically priced.

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From our online marijuana information hub to our personalized weed quiz, My Supply Co. is the only online dispensary in Canada dedicated to bringing you the most approachable, personal, and affordable way of getting good (at) weed. Because MSC is the online dispensary Canada deserves, and the one it needs right now.